G-Bar contemporary wine gallery

G-Bar is the new contemporary wine gallery in Rome, a performance space, a place in which to enjoy a coffee or a drink. Located on the ground floor of G-Rough, the G-Bar is open to the public every day from 7 am to midnight.

The contemporary wine gallery offers a wide choice of wine labels selected from niche cellars and from small Italian producers, and is dedicated to those who want to taste, even in a glass of wine, an unconventional experience.

This unique artistic space will host a calendar of events, installations and performances curated by Guendalina Salini, an artist herself, and active protagonist, along with the family, in the art scene of Rome.

  • Experiences

    G-Rough Hotel has created an itinerary that sidesteps conventional and fully immerses you in the vibrant local culture of the Eternal City.
  • G-rough Unconventional Ride Experience

    G-rough Unconventional ride experience
    Explore Rome “dolce Vita Style” . Catch the moment, G-rough will grant you a Vespa or a bike that make you explore the hidden Rome freely!
  • G-Rough Wine Inebriation

    G-rough Wine inebriation
    During your winter stay at G-rough, pamper yourself while tasting our best wines accompanied by a top selection of local products.
  • G-rough Suite Lifestyle

    G-rough Suite lifestyle
    Lose yourself in our beautiful Penthouse with a cozy terrace. Your only desire will be not to go out! This house is not a hotel, it is the cradle for your senses!
  • G-rough Winter Break

    G-rough Winter break
    The best place where to warm up your curiosity taking advantage of this special treatment!