Unconventional experiences to discover Rome


This experience is a chance for guests of G-rough to enjoy a day inside the life of a designer, handpicking luxurious leathers to make a one of a kind bag with renowned artist and accessories designer Luigi Mulas Debois, Program Director of the Accademia Costume & Moda Accessories Division.
With the help of this expert tailor, guests will learn the various techniques and methods which characterize products as “Made in Italy.” Afer having designed their own luxury bag from scratch, guests will emerge from the fashion house with a beautiful item that will serve as a daily reminder of the memories made in the Eternal City.

Duration: 6 hours

Transportation: not required, only transfer

This cost includes: meeting in lobby of G-rough, on-site staff assistance, luxury materials, coffee break.

Price: starting from € 1.500 for one person



This unique underground experience reveals the history of Rome in its totality, descending into the fascinating world that lies hidden beneath the modern city. A professional art historian will accompany guests on a private visit to a Roman burial chamber, one of the fnest preserved examples of its kind, as well as an ancient Mithraic temple buried underneath the Circus Maximus.
To conclude the program, the guests of G-rough, will be welcomed into a charming private apartment in the heart of the Aventino district, to discover a fascinating archaeological site secreted in the basement of the building and dating back to the 1st century BC. This experience will demonstrate how the city’s frst layers determined its contemporary physical and cultural layout.

Duration: 3 hours

Transportation: this experience requires transportation

This cost includes: meeting in lobby of G-rough, private guidance, all tickets and private entrance fees.

Price: starting from € 1.500 for 2 people



This experience welcomes guests of G-rough to live the life of the genius painter, from where he lived to where he envisioned his greatest canvases.
The itinerary focuses on the acclaimed in-situ works of Santa Maria Del Popolo, San Luigi dei Francesi, and Sant’Agostino. From the Conversion of St. Paul to The Calling of St. Matthew and the Madonna dei Pellegrini, guests will live the passion and torment in Caravaggio’s greatest canvases.

Duration: 2 hours

Departure time: 10.00 am or 4.00 pm

Transportation: not required

The experience includes: meeting in lobby of G-rough, private guidance.

Price: starting from € 900 for 2 people



Explore Rome and escape the traffic with your own unconventional transport! G-rough will make a Vespa or a bike available to our guests, giving you the opportunity to visit Rome freely, riding among streets and hidden alleys, away from traffic and… keeping fit!

Duration: daily rent

The experience includes: 1 day Vespa rental (for two people) or 1 day bike rental per person


For further information please call: +39 (0)6 68801085; e-mail: reservations@g-rough.com

Unconventional Experiences
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