Unconventional family experiences



In this experience fit for a family, guests of G-Rough will be enchanted by the stories and legends of some of Rome’s most famous monuments, walking along an historic path through the city.
Led by a professional guide, guests will start with Pasquino in Palazzo Braschi, continuing on to visit Giordano Bruno in the famous Campo de’ Fiori and ending the walking tour at Torre della Scimma.

Duration: 3 hours

Transportation: not required

Departure time: at guests’ discretion

The experience includes: meeting in the lobby of G-rough, private guidance.

Price: starting from € 450 for two people



The picnic in Rome becomes unconventional!
Discover the beautiful neighborhoods of G-rough, strolling through Campo de’ Fiori, tasting some local food, reach the Gianicolo from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Rome and then relax surrounded by the trees and the daisies of Villa Borghese, where a delicious picnic with the freshest products will wait for you.
Our staff will provide you also a golf-car, the best way to explore this magnificent park in the heart of Rome.. in a real eco-green experience!

Duration: 3 hours

Departure time: 10:30

The experience includes: meeting in the lobby of G-rough, private guidance, food tasting in Campo de’ Fiori, walk to Gianicolo, picnic at Villa Borghese, golf-car rental.

Price: starting from € 430 for two people



A real experience for the kids and not only .. G-rough gives you the opportunity to live one day as a gladiator.
The experience will take place at an association in Via Appia Antica and will be divided in two parts: a visit to the Historical-Educational Museum of the military (legionnaires, praetorians and gladiators) and civil Roman legionary, and then a training to “gladiatura”, when you will be using a “rudis” (a wooden sword) and a tunic.
During the training you will learn the techniques of attack and defense used during gladiators fights.
At the end each participant will receive a certificate of Roman citizenship.

Duration: 2 hours

The experience includes: transfer to the location, visit to Historical and educational Museum of the Roman legionnaire, training, certificate of participation.

Price: starting from € 240 for two people


For further information please call: +39 (0)6 68801085; e-mail: reservations@g-rough.com

Unconventional Family Experiences