Hotels Rome historic centre? G-Rough is what you’re looking for.

Located in Piazza Pasquino, the Hotel is housed in an elegant building dating back to the 17th century and restored in the late 1800 ‘s.

The borghese Roman style of 1600 leaves room for a hotel characterized by impeccable suites spread over ten five floors.

The modernity and tradition come together thanks to a skilful mix of materials, colors, furniture and precise stylistic choices.

The original wooden ceilings, finishes and features typical of Roman apartment,contribute to give life to a unique reality.

On the ground floor there is a café-bar and an area designed to host events and to promote the work of local designers and artists, a choice in line with the underlyingconcept of the structure.

Classic furniture are placed in a context that pays homage to the Italian design anni ’30, ‘ 40 and ‘ 50 allowing guests to stay in one of the most fascinating and extraordinary hotels present in the city.

The central location allows you to navigate quickly and easily discover the manywonders scattered on the territory.

  • G-rough Unconventional Ride Experience

    G-rough Unconventional ride experience
    Explore Rome “dolce Vita Style” . Catch the moment, G-rough will grant you a Vespa or a bike that make you explore the hidden Rome freely!
  • G-Rough Wine Inebriation

    G-rough Wine inebriation
    During your winter stay at G-rough, pamper yourself while tasting our best wines accompanied by a top selection of local products.
  • G-rough Suite Lifestyle

    G-rough Suite lifestyle
    Lose yourself in our beautiful Penthouse with a cozy terrace. Your only desire will be not to go out! This house is not a hotel, it is the cradle for your senses!
  • G-rough Winter Break

    G-rough Winter break
    The best place where to warm up your curiosity taking advantage of this special treatment!
  • Experiences

    G-Rough Hotel has created an itinerary that sidesteps conventional and fully immerses you in the vibrant local culture of the Eternal City.